From the beginning of our activity, more than 30 years ago, we´ve realized that the best letter of introduction is the OWN MANUFACTURING . The perfect identification of the manufacturer of each product is essential to guarantee to the final consumer and with plenty responsability, the quality and safety bought with these equipments. The current European regulation don’t permit to commercialize any safety equipment in Europe without the required manufacturer´s identification .


Quality is the essential feature of our products. For this:

  • Productos Climax products use the best raw material of the European market , whose traceability is totally creditable to the final consumer .
  • It has the most modern production systems, with latest generation machines, that permits us to manufacture our own equipment with the maximum guarantee. Our quality control is exhaustive and is applied both piece by piece, as when the product is already assembled.



Productos Climax products has been working for more than 30 years to create new international markets, and nowadays, we are present over 70 countries all over the world : Europe, Central and South
America, Africa, Middle East and Asia as the main export areas where we have specialized distributors in Protection Equipment.