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Productos Climax has determined that the service life of the products it manufactures, such as  Personal Protective Equipment for fall protection is now 15 years for products containing textile or plastic components, while metal products are considered to have an indefinite life and applicable to products manufactured from 1 January 2021

Service life Information in the information leaflets of the equipment is now:


For all equipment with textile or plastic components, the theoretical service life of the equipment is 15 years from the date of manufacture. The service life for metal equipment and parts is indefinite. The actual service life of the equipment will depend on the intensity and frequency of usage, the environment where it is used (contact with chemical and/or corrosive substances, heat, etc.), the user’s skill (avoiding abrasion, impact, or cuts), maintenance, storage, etc.

The manufacturer or a competent centre or person must check the equipment at least every  12 months from the date it is put into service. It is recommended to increase the frequency of these checks if usage is intensive. A monitoring sheet where the results can be recorded has been included to better control the equipment. The equipment should be preferably assigned to a single user, who will thus know its history. The inspection should check:

Fabric: Looking for cuts, wear and damage from use, heat, chemical products, etc.

Stitching: Looking for broken threads or fraying.

Buckles: Correct operation.

Whenever the equipment is involved in a fall, impact or working in adverse conditions, it must be inspected for possible damage. This product should not be used again after a significant impact: Internal breakage that is not visibly appreciable could diminish its resistance, limiting its protective function.

Productos Climax reserves the right to approve checks made by third parties, even if they have participated in our training programmes.

In case of doubt, please contact Productos Climax, S.A.

This sheet should be attached to the information leaflets of purchased products in order to validate this new criteria. Please, click the link below to download the document in pdf format.

Annexe on the service life of fall protection products