From the beginning of our activity, more than 30 years ago, we´ve realized that the best letter of introduction is the OWN MANUFACTURING . The perfect identification of the manufacturer
of each product is essential to guarantee to the final consumer and with plenty responsability, the quality and safety bought with these equipments. The European legislation, that will enter
into force in January 2018 , won´t permit to commercialize any safety equipment in Europe without the required manufacturer´s identification.

Very few European companies can offer it. Climax’s Products is located in a 10.000m2 facilities in Parets del Valles (BCN), where a complex productive process allows us to carry out the manufacturing of our products.

Currently, where market is extremely competitive, we face plenty of actors offering imported products as own brand, while Climax’s Products, in an exercise of transparency and brand positioning, ensures the whole manufacturing of its equipments.