The filtering half mask Climax 1730-SV has been designed to effectively retain dust particles in suspesion, mist and smoke. The mask is very light comfortable and offer a very low resistance to breathing.

Type of uses:  grinding, cutting, drilling of wood, stainless steel, paint, lacquer and corrosion, resistant paint. Varnishing with solvent-based paint and asbestos removal.

  • Setting synthetic bands (latex free)
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Soft interior material
  • Maximum level of use: 50 x TLV
  • FFP3 NR

In addition, it offers low resistance to breathing against dolomite dust (D), a very ne dust that clogs the pores of the woven, saturating the filtering surface.

Use: one work shift (8-10 hours). NR: not reusable D: Réussit le test de la dolomie

Packaging: 20 uts/box. Possibility of single or double mask package.

EN 149:2001+A1:2009