Designed to offer effective protection against drops and splashes of liquids.
Its use is recommended especially against particles expelled by a patient (cough, saliva, sneeze) infected with the coronavirus since it keeps the entire face and eyes covered.

The equipment can be used with goggles and self-filtering particulate masks.
The recommended respiratory protection against Covid-19 are the FFP2 / FFP3 type self-filtering masks.

The materials used in its manufacture are suitable for contact with the user’s skin, ideal for prolonged use, without causing discomfort or irritation.

– Structure: ABS
– Visor: polycarbonate, offers a wide and clear vision combined with a high optical quality (Optical Class 1).
– Frame: front pad to increase the comfort during use, an adjustable elastic band for a perfect fit and protection.

After each use, the equipment can be disinfected for later use.

RfU 03.031 / V1