The vertical life line kit is an individual protection equipment indicated for works in which there is a risk of falling.

The kit is composed of:

– CLIMAX ROC: The guided type fall arrester can be fitted to the rope at any point an can be used hands-free when travelling up or down the rope.
Norms: EN 353-2:2002 Ø11-12,5 mm, EN 358:1999 Ø12-12,5 mm
– KH ALU: D-shaped connector that makes easier the connection and favors the correct positioning of the device along the longitudinal axis. Automatic locking system.
Norms: EN 362:2004
– Connector 49: is designed to connect the various components of a fall protection or restraining system and to connect the entire system to the anchorage point on the
structure where the user is working. Clase A. Norms: EN 362:2004
– Semistatic rope: for vertical use with fall arrest devices appropriate to the 11mm diameter of this rope. Polyamide. Norms: EN 1891