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What is a chinstrap for safety equipment?

The chinstrap is a strap or band that fits under the chin of the wearer to keep the helmet in the correct position. It is attached to the helmet by means of the chinstrap anchorages.

It is also an essential element when working at height and its purpose is to prevent the helmet from coming off the wearer’s head.

Components of a chinstrap

The components of a chinstrap may vary slightly depending on the type and model, but generally include the following elements:

  1. Headband/strap: The chin strap should be adjustable in length, and should have a minimum width of 10 mm (EN 397:2012)/ 15 mm (EN 12492:2012) at the part that comes into contact with the chin. These straps are usually made of a strong material such as nylon, polypropylene or polyester.
  2. Buckle: The buckle is the mechanism that allows the length of the chinstrap straps to be adjusted to fit different head sizes. It can be plastic, metal or even magnetic in some cases.
  3. Padding: Some chinstrap models incorporate padding for the comfort of the wearer and to reduce friction against the skin.
  4. Chinstrap anchorage: These are devices by which the chinstrap material is attached to the helmet.
    May include component(s) incorporated into the chinstrap ends for this purpose.
  5. Chinstrap: a polyethylene accessory designed to provide greater support to the chinstrap.
  • The part of the helmet cap or headband to which the chinstrap is attached.
  • Quick release systems: On some chinstrap models, quick release systems are included that allow the helmet to be easily removed in an emergency.

Materials a chinstrap is made of

Safety helmet chinstraps can be made of nylon, polypropylene or polyester.

Types of chinstrap attachment for safety helmets

2-point chinstraps: 2 point chinstraps are chinstraps that are attached to the helmet by two anchorages located on the underside of the helmet. These chin straps are common on safety helmets. They have the advantage of being easier to put on and take off, but may be less secure than 4-point chinstraps.

See 2 points chinstraps  See 2 points chinstraps 

4-point chinstraps: 4-point chinstraps, as the name implies, are attached to the helmet by four anchors located on the underside of the helmet. These chin straps are found on safety helmets and some military helmets. They are safer than 2-point chin straps as they provide a more stable hold in the event of a frontal, side or rear impact.

See 4 points chinstraps  See 4 points chinstraps 

How to fit a 4-point chinstrap on a Climax helmet


There is no specific standard for chinstraps. The requirements they must meet are described in the various helmet standards. That is why the chinstrap is designed according to the following requirements:

EN 12492:2012 Resistance greater than 50kg to limit the risk of loss in the event of a fall.
EN 397:2012 Chinstrap strength of less than 25kg to limit the risk of strangulation in case of helmet entanglement.