Training courses for working at height and confined spaces

At our own facilities carried out by a highly  qualified technical team . These courses consist of a theoretical part, where all protective equipments used in these kind of jobs are explained; and a practical part where all the necessary material is made available to learners to perform the activities offered by the practical circuit.

Courses of equipment revision

Aimed to train to customers to make the revisions of  Climax PPE by their own , such us periodical revision and detection of any damage or defect that may affect to their safety or functionality of the equipments .  At the same time, Climax as manufacturer,  makes its own revision of the PPE harnesses according to standard EN365:2004 , and ensure the 100% effectiveness in their  products while useful life .

Revision and repair of retractable fall arresters

Apart from the revision for the correct functioning , Climax , as manufacturer and distributor, is the only authorized to make the repair in case of malfunction.

Technical advice to companies

Consisting in a visit to the customer facilities to evaluate the possible risk situations that may be given, to elaborate a proposal repport of the most convenient equipment to use.